32 oz. Laundry & Cleaning Additive

32 oz. Laundry & Cleaning Additive
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32 oz. Natural Odor Neutralizing Additive

Fresh Wave Laundry & Cleaning Additive removes a wide spectrum of hard-to-control odors when you clean! Add to the laundry to remove sports pet and other odors without adding fragrances or harsh chemicals.
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Product Details
The Fresh Wave formula attracts captures and neutralizes odors leaving behind a natural fresh smelling environment.
Use in the laundry or carpet steamer floor scrubber even to rinse out the litter box after cleaning.
Directions: LCA is an additive and not a soap. For optimal performance use every time you machine wash clothes and uniforms that require odor removal . Can also be used as an odor neutralizing rinse. See right panel for instructions.
Ways to Use Fresh Wave Laundry & Cleaning Additive [LCA]
Machine Washing: Pour a quarter cup of LCA into the water during the fill or rinse cycle. Do not pour directly onto fabric. For tough odors allow laundry to soak for 5-10 minutes before final rinse.
Carpets: After cleaning carpets fill your steam or floor scrubber with warm water and a quarter cup of LCA. Removes deeply imbedded odors that result from pets and smoke.
Household: Damp basements or a smokers room can really smell.  So after cleaning fill a vaporizer with water and add a cup of LCA. Allow it to vaporize in the room and remove odor.  
Pet Habitats: After cleaning any pet habitat litter box or kennel simply rinse with LCA then warm water and allow to air dry.