Life in St. Augustine

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Life in St. Augustine
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In 1565 when Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles first founded a new city on the coast of Florida he would never guess that the city he named St. Augustine would become the ""Nations Oldest City"" in the United States.

My connection to beautiful unique and historical St. Augustine is through Loves Art Emporium that carries my art. One sunny brisk day during my show I went outside for a breath of the fresh salt air. I took a stroll down the street lined with many little shops and restaurants and a beautiful little park down the middle. On the corner of the street the oldest established cathedral stood in stately majesty. I was so enchanted with all the beauty that surrounded me.

Suddenly I heard a man shouting! As I turned my head I wondered... who woud dare to break the peacefulness of this lovely day? Then what I saw brought a smile to my heart. Some elderly folk in a horse-drawn carriage were mockingly scolding a flock of pigeons who were busy nibbling at the crumbs on the street-- completely oblivious to the fact that they were blocking the carriage What a lovely moment in front of a gallery called "Loves."

Is not this gentle love between all forms of life the sustaining power that has made the ancient city thrive and prosper for over four centuries?